Measuring a Room For a New Carpet

Tools Required

Before you begin measuring your room make sure you have a tape measure that is long enough or a way of marking the floor when the tape measure you have runs out, so you have your next starting point, (remember to add the two measurements together, a lot of people forget!) always measure the longest point and widest point not forgetting to measure into doorways or dropbacks,

What about Carpet Widths

Bear in mind the most common width that carpet is manufactured in is 4 metres wide, so factor this in when measuring for your carpet, you can order the length you require by the width which will be determined by the carpet you decide upon, for example your room could measure 3.0 metres by 4.5 metres, you cannot get 3.0 by 4.5 metres if the width of the carpet chosen is 4metre wide. You will need to order 4 metres by 4.5 metres to cover your room floor with carpet without any joins.

Minimizing Waste With Fitted Carpets

Fitted Carpets will always need cutting to the shape of the room thus creating waste that has to be paid for. If we use the room size above 3.0 x 4.5 metres as an example again an alternative would be to order 3.0x 4 metre which will leave an area 0.5x 3.0 metre to fill in, you could dependent on pattern matching and the type of pile order an extra peice 0.5 x 4.0 and join the two peices of carpet together. This is not ideal as you will most probably see a colour difference and the cost saving in this example will only be minimal. Usufull as a guide for yourself so you can budget for which type and price of carpet to go for.

Do Shops Offer Free Estimates

The simple answer is yes, and most reputable carpet shops would prefer to measure the rooms for new carpets themselves, the benefit with this way is if the carpet does not fit its the carpet shops fault not yours. Our advise is to draw out the room to be carpeted shape, add in your own sizes that way the salesman will be able to give you a rough price without having to visit your house, this way you will know if your chosen carpet is within your price range. Draw a good diagram highlighting any recess or doorways and the shop may be able to find a suitable remanent that you could fit yourself

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